About Our Church

Revs R&G Jones-1After studying at the Christ Gospel Church Bible Institute for a year and six months, in November 1969 we were ordained and commissioned to pastor in Beaumont, Texas, where we served as pastors until the end of December 1983.

The membership when we arrived in Beaumont was less than twenty. But by the Grace of God, our services and the sincere efforts of the saints, we paid off the existing church mortgage. Our leader, Reverend B. R. Hicks admonished that there be much fasting, praying, praising and preaching with gratitude, and church attendance increased to the point that we needed more space.

The building at 1425 Roberts Avenue was sold and the funds provided a down payment for the larger forty-thousand dollar ($40,000.00) facilities located at 3221 & 3227 Highland Avenue. The properties included a large sanctuary with a balcony, a spacious educational building and a fellowship hall. The purchase also included a three-bedroom, two bath house next door to the church.

The membership increased to around three-hundred-fifty (350) members as we continued to grow spiritually and naturally. On average, Sunday School attendance was around two-hundred twenty-five (225). The LORD blessed us to pay off the mortgage of this facility four years early.

After fourteen years, our pastoral services at the Beaumont Christ Gospel Church ended as we, in accordance to God’s Purposive Will and Master Plan, were commissioned in January 1984, to pastor in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

The circumstances were of such that we did not have a church facility in which to meet. A couple of ministers in the community showed kindness by allowing us to meet in their church to conduct worship services.
We later rented a church that gave us access to conduct Sunday afternoon and Sunday night worship, along with two weeknight services. Since we could not conduct Sunday School during that period, we utilized the time to conduct Sunday School Teacher-Training classes as we diligently combed the city looking for a building to lease.

After approximately six months we located a building on Sixty-Second Avenue North in Pinellas Park, affectionately referred to as Suite G. We experienced many powerful services in Suite G, and that humble facility will always be remembered with loving gratitude.

Reverend Hicks, in June of 1984, came to St Petersburg and conducted a Revival. The Brotherhood responded graciously as pastors and their members from various parts of the United States came and gave their support. The special offering received helped us secure a church building in which to worship, praise and glorify His Great Name.

It was difficult locating property to purchase in a certain area of the county, however, our leader, Reverend Hicks, and her daughter Beverly, came to Saint Petersburg to assist us. On their first day out searching for property they were successful in finding the acreage that we presently occupy. It was listed on the market that same day and had approximately five (5) acres of land, including a large beautiful house and a ten-stall horse stable. Reverend Hicks visualized the horse stable becoming a sanctuary. They secured the property and we purchased it. After renting Suite G for two years and eight months, the horse stable was converted into a sanctuary and we moved into our own church building.

With God’s divine help and our leader’s guidance, we paid the mortgage off in the amount of four-hundred and twenty thousand dollars ($420,000.00) in twenty-one years. Of course, market value has since increased tremendously.

We are now in our twenty-ninth year as of pastors of Christ Gospel Church Pinellas Park, Florida. We have a beautiful family of saints who love the Lord and our leader and are striving to be in the 144,000. The LORD has done great things, and yes, we are very glad.

These are His Works and they Marvelous in our eyes! To God be ALL the Glory!